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MSNBC is one of the most watched News channels that continue to expand its viewership from its inception. Recently, MSNBC has outranked Fox News and CNN by a huge margin and earned the highest rank in the Nielsen ratings. MSNBC was launched on July 15, 1996 by NBC executive Tom Rogers. Jodi Applegate got the opportunity to host first show on MSNBC. It broadcasts live the latest news, conclusive interviews and expert’s opinions.

MSNBC headquarter is present in NBC office, New York. As of 2015, around 94.5 million households were receiving this premium news channel in the United States. MSNBC is mostly considered as a source of biased reporting for liberal politics. Currently, Phill Griffin is serving as the president of MSNBC. The channel is backed by many political analysts and professional news reporter. It outpaced CNN and fox news in term of viewership.

It started live broadcasting on 15 July 1996 and came up as the new leader in the world of news. The progress of MSNBC was not different than CNN. Both channels gained huge popularity from its inception. MSNBC more focuses on politics and live coverage of tropical events.

During the day, it mostly provides rolling news coverage and interactive programming that highlights all hot issues of the day. Detailed analysis of the current scenario is given on live transmission of MSNBC.  NBC also airs its programs on MNSNC for breaking news coverage and other programs. With the passage of time, MSNBC expanded its coverage on politics by offering more programs of political discussion.

MSNBC mostly gets listed amongst top three spots of Neilsen ratings, giving tough competition to Fox News and CNN. MSNBC is one of those news channels which is continuously growing its viewership because of their quality programs and live news reporting. Right-leaning critics blame MSNBC of supporting left-leaning politics, mostly tilting towards Democratic Party.

MSNBC live is backed by tenacious anchors who cover all the day’s top stories and highlights news that matters most to the public.  Watch live news stream of MSNBC to get the latest breaking news and live coverage of the ongoing stories. Hosted by NBC News journalists, the programming offers superior interviews and discussions with top newsmakers, journalists, and politicians. MSNBC goes far beyond the headlines to show you harsh elements of news, aiming to tell stories from many points of view. It is a hub of accuracy information around the clock, providing insightful analysis and unfolds news as it happens. The channel is known for adding sense to their opinions by giving the critical context of complex scenarios.


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MSNBC started live programming transmission of eight hours in which top stories are highlighted and comprehensively covered. Mostly it offers the expert analysis, lively talk shows, conclusive political discussions and latest breaking news. Schedule of daily programs given in the table.

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